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Aya Afrikan Learning Community

Aya Afrikan Learning Community is a Pan-Afrikan Reparations Education and Training Initiative, rematriating the Afrikan Diaspora in connection with Pan-Afrikan liberation struggles. 

Aya’s vision is for the UK Afrikan diaspora to build truly regenerated and resilient communities in connection with global struggles for liberation. for enquires.

Aya Afrikan Learning Community supports the popular educations of Sankofakuumba through:

  • Pan-Afrikan Political Education
  • Resistance Jams of Groundings and Edutainment
  • Action-Learning in Afrikan Law-As-Resistance, Agro-ecology, Solidarity and Political Economy, and more
  • Community Service and Community Advocacy
  • Critical Guidance through Pastoral and Educational Support
  • Youth Activities and Programmes in outdoors and alternative education and training
  • Supporting building Glocal Solidarity Economies for Community Regeneration and Resilience towards Transformative Adaptation